Hi! My name is Shelly Heinrichs
I'm a Certified Holistic Nutrition and Health Coach + Certified Ketogenic Lifestyle Coach
I help women balance their hormones through a low carb, whole foods diet so they can lose weight, feel energized and move their bodies easier without having to spend hours in the gym while eating a boring, low fat, and tasteless diet. I’ll teach you to evaluate how foods make you feel and how to make changes to do what feels best for your body and your lifestyle. When your blood sugar is stable, cravings diminish and your body calms down enough that you can make changes without feeling out of control. I’m here to support you on your journey to better health and wellness.
What People Are Saying
After having done keto on my own for several months without much results, I decided to hire a coach. What I liked about Shelly is that she is a real person, not a celebrity influencer with a perfect body. She is like me and that made me comfortable because she had the same struggle as me. Shelly had me track my food for a few days and we immediately saw that I was not eating enough. That old diet mentality is hard to break out of. Shelly taught me how to listen to my body and not ignore hunger signals. In the 8 weeks I felt fantastic and managed to lose 23 pounds and bring my blood sugars down into the normal range. Thank you so much!
Tina B.

Shelly is amazing in her knowledge of some of the small things that you don’t really think about when you’re doing keto. I was eating the right foods, well most of the time but using so much fat, my body didn’t need to use what I was carrying around. Having someone with knowledge in your corner, is a game changer!
Melissa G.

My biggest problem when I started the keto diet was trying to do it all at once. I joined the gym, started keto, meditation, yoga, walking. I was completely overwhelmed and wanted to give up. Shelly worked with me to help me create a plan that would work for me and she helped me learn how to make changes that work for me!
Linda M.

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