Why You Need a Daily Health Routine


Healthy Routines Build Success

A daily health routine? What’s that you say? I’m saying, a good health routine builds success! If you were like me several years ago (and for most of my adult life), I just flew by the seat of my pants health-wise. It was always the latest crazy diet, some water drinking challenge, smoothie challenge or the like. I never stuck with anything more than a few weeks and then onto the next thing. I felt like I never gained any ground (and I didn’t) and had no idea that all that jumping around from thing to thing was part of the problem. Now, creating simple and doable daily health habits has taken the crazy out and makes life much better.

Creating a holistic health routine with a balance between your body, mind and spirit is a wonderful way to create stability in your life. Finding this balance allows you to fit components into each area of your life without becoming overwhelmed and giving up. Here are some ideas for things to consider when creating your daily health routine to build success.  There are no right or wrong this to do, you choose what will work for you!

health routine builds successHealthy Body

Nourish your body with nutrient dense whole foods, single ingredient foods and skip the packaged/processed foods. We’re become a society of convenience and fast food at the expense of our health. When you look at the time you’ve spent to hit the drive through, order, take that food home…  You know could have prepared a simple meal in your air fryer in about the same time (or less).  A meal that would have nourished your body with the nutrients it was craving. You can make many quick meals in fairly short time and while you’re cooking, you can multitask – feed the dog, or sort the mail etc.

Adding in some type of daily movement (you notice I didn’t say exercise) such as walking, yoga, or stretching is a great health routine to build success. We spend far too much time sitting!

Consider switching to natural bath and beauty products as well as home cleaning products to reduce your toxic load. Products with fragrances were the first thing I got rid of and I dramatically reduced my sinus headaches. My day job has me working as a graphic designer for a natural cosmetics company with a fantastic line-up of products made right here on the Canadian Prairies. You can check them out here, they offer free shipping in North America on orders of $50 or more!

health routine builds successHealthy Mind

Many forget that having a healthy mind is essential to health routines that build success. Include habits to support your emotional and mental health. Have you tried journalling? Writing down your thoughts and feelings is extremely beneficial and therapeutic and can be done in as little as 5 minutes a day! There are no rules – write as much as you want, express gratitude, or create a daily affirmation etc. You decide!

Try taking an Epsom salt bath as the salts are wonderful for releasing toxins from the body. You’ll feel rejuvenated and relaxed! Practice breathing exercises to help you work on healing any traumas you have. It will reduce stress, and calm your spirit.

health routine builds successHealthy Spirit

Holistic practices for the spirit encompass your body, mind, physical and mental health. Health routines really build success in working on your spiritual well being. Practicing mindfulness will help in every area in your life but particularly with your spiritual and emotional health. Mindfulness is about being present in the moment of whatever you are doing, with no judgement. Try meditation – start your day with just a few minutes of deep breathing and allow your thoughts to come and go naturally. Practice mantras or affirmations based on your intentions for that day. 

Spending time in nature not only helps your spirit, but your body and mind as well. I get out into nature daily and practice grounding (when we aren’t covered in 3 feet of snow). I use grounding mats for those cold winter months!



Creating Healthy Routines for Success

Now you understand how a health routine builds success. You can create a morning or evening routine that suits you. For the morning you may want to start your day with a herbal tea, a morning meditation followed by yoga. Your evening routine may include journaling, an epson salt bath and breathing exercises. Creating healthy routines that build success isn’t about bring perfect but doing so intuitively and adding practices that feel right for you!
health routine builds success


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