Empowered Wellness

Ditch the diet mentality.
Diets don’t work – you know that. So what does?
Eating real whole foods to balance your hormones along with Empowered Wellness self-care.

Heal your body and say goodbye to stiffness, body aches, and cravings.
Banish the bloat, lose weight and get your energy back.
Create a lifestyle you love that doesn’t feel like a diet.

Work with your body, not against it and I can show you how!


Empowered Wellness. Is it really about the weight? Or is it that you want to have more energy, feel less bloated, less joint pain, lower your A1C, reverse a diabetes diagnosis, lower your blood pressure, stop feeling hangry, or you have an event coming up and just want feel good in your skin? Weight loss is not a short term goal especially if you have a lot to lose. You didn’t gain it in a week so it’s not going anywhere soon.

It’s time to get clear and focuses on WHY you want to lose weight and do it one last time!

Live it like you mean it!

Are you really willing to make some significant lifestyle changes to make your goal a reality?

Making sustainable changes that become habits will create a lifestyle not another diet that has an end date so that you can go back to doing what you’re doing now (which isn’t working is it?). Think about what you are truly willing to do because if it’s not an idea you can get behind, your results won’t last. Using your WHY will motivate you to make better choices along your journey.

Ditch the diet mentality (short term results) and think long term, sustainable, and enjoyable.

When deciding which style of eating you want to follow (Whole 30, Paleo, Vegetarian, Low Carb, Keto, Carnivore) healthy living can be easy IF you let your body be your guide and listen to what it needs. Most “diets” teach you to ignore hunger signals which set you up for failure. Whichever way of eating you choose, you shouldn’t be hungry all the time, that’s not sustainable long term.

Empowered Wellness chooses whole foods to nourish your body for optimal health leaves out all the food additives, chemicals, dyes, and non-food substances that promote inflammation throughout your whole body.

Living a low carb lifestyle comprised of mostly whole foods (again, no matter which type of eating you choose) will benefit your body the most. Hormone imbalances caused by excess glucose throws everything out of balance and sets you up for failure.

Initially you may find there is an adaptation period when you change your eating habits but once you adjust, your tastebuds crave what you eat (so if you aren’t eating sugary junk foods, you won’t crave them!). If you have struggled in the past to make sustainable changes while being hungry and deprived, it’s no wonder you failed!

Empowered Wellness Coaching

When you get all the pieces of the puzzle aligned, your body can begin to heal and you can reverse and heal metabolic disease in your body. Working on all the pillars of holistic health puts your body and spirit back into alignment and getting you unstuck and moving towards balance and health. Nutrition, mindset, self-care and movement all work together and play a roll in your overall health.

Low carb whole foods nourish your body and taste great! You’ll love the energy you get while feeling satisfied and not hungry!

Good-bye diet roller coaster, hello new lifestyle!

When you change your mindset to one of what you can have versus what you can’t have, transformation can begin!

You can feel better, sleep better and reverse disease!

Moving yourself up the list – to the top! When you’re recharged and feeling your best, you can then easily give to others.

Journaling, breath work, yoga, meditation all work! 

Moving your body every day doesn’t mean you need to “kill it” in the gym every day. Start where you are and get off the couch!

Start out easy with walking or some light stretching.

Hi! My name is Shelly Heinrichs
I'm a Certified Holistic Nutrition and Health Coach + Certified Ketogenic Lifestyle Coach
I help women balance their hormones through a low carb, whole foods diet so they can lose weight, feel energized and move their bodies easier without having to spend hours in the gym while eating a boring, low fat, and tasteless diet. I’ll teach you to evaluate how foods make you feel and how to make changes to do what feels best for your body and your lifestyle. When your blood sugar is stable, cravings diminish and your body calms down enough that you can make changes without feeling out of control. I’m here to support you on your journey to better health and wellness.

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